Planar Pavilions at A-Z West


Planar Pavilions at A-Z West is a permanent public work sited on the land between Zittel’s residence and the adjacent highway. Each of the ten Planar Pavilions consists of a series of vertical planes that function as walls, boundaries, and divisions. They frame the surrounding landscape, isolate inside from outside, and provide physical and psychological forms of shelter. As the desert becomes increasingly developed, the pavilions will function similar to ruins or structures still in a state of construction, as an interstitial zone that is neither fully domesticated nor completely wild.

This site is the only part of A-Z West that is open to the public at all times. Viewers are invited to experience the Planar Pavilions in any way that does not alter or damage the structures, land, or surrounding vegetation. Support for the project was provided in part by a grant from the VIA Art Fund and the Guggenheim Foundation.