S0120859Last weekend Katie, Sarah and Kate hosted a Women’s dinner.  I’m of a generation (of women) who pushed hard to be beyond gender and I’ve spent so much of my life trying to defy expectations based on things like class, sex or age – So I have to admit that I had mixed feelings about celebrating my gender identity .   But I’m an eternal fan of Katie, who I trust completely, so I set out following a hand drawn map and a series of signs that said “women”. We parked in the fenced yard of a small stucco house and then walked down an old washed out road that turned into a rough trail that terminated at the ruins of a stone cabin.


S0350887It was high up in Pioneertown where the nights get chilly – and there were few flashlights between us, but it was a really extraordinary evening.  It also made me realize how many truly exceptional people have moved here in the last two years. (both women and men alike) Katie who is out here teaching desert youth, Angela who lives in a world of her own, Peggy who I think just found herself, Kelly who has wonderfully dry humor and deadpan honesty, Lucy who is totally sincere and sweet, another Kelly who became my new hero when she told me that she lives in the back of her red Toyota pickup for up to eight months a year (while tracking tortoises),  And I reconnected with Stephanie Smith who has been here for years doing her thing – which is ever evolving and always fascinating.

S0570912I’ve been living in the desert for almost thirteen years – and every so often there is a real shift.  Right seems to be one of those times.  Several years ago the recession put a damper on investors snapping up desert properties to make a quick buck – and now those of us who are left on the ones who truly love this lifestyle and couldn’t live anywhere else.  And being added to this mix is a younger generation of desert explorers bringing a new depth and thoughtfulness to our community.  I know things will continue to change, but sometimes I wonder if we will look back on this period as one of those moments when things seemed to be in just the right  equilibrium.



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