Smockshop was an attempt to create a market outside of the art market. It was an artist run enterprise that generated income for artists whose work was either non-commercial, or not yet self-sustaining. A smock is a simple double wraparound garment designed by Andrea Zittel and sewn by artists who reinterpreted the original design. As an active testament to Zittel’s principle that “rules make us more creative”, each resulting smock was completely unique and one of a kind.

Smockers include: Tiprin Follet, Kate Hillseth, Donna Huanca, Molly Keogh, Tony Koerner, Peggy Pabustan, Ashira Siegel, V Smiley, Sophie Tusler, Michelle Brunnick, Emily Bult, Sonja Cvitkovic, Jennifer Durban, Karen Gelardi, Hadassa Goldvicht, Carole Frances Lung, Mark Rodriguez, Mariana Saldana, Jason Villegas, Maude Benson and Claire Fong. The Smockshop was concluded in 2010.