High Desert Test Sites


High Desert Test Sites is a non-profit organization that was founded by Andrea Zittel, Shaun Caley Regen, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Andy Stillpass and John Conelly (and is currently administered by Andrea Zittel and Vanesa Zendejas). HDTS supports immersive experiences and exchanges between artists, critical thinkers, and general audiences, challenging all to expand their definition of art to take on new areas of relevancy.

As a conceptual entity we are dedicated to “learning from what we are not.” We believe there are many ways to live, and that learning from others can offer new insight and perspectives on ourselves, and the everyday environments we may think we already know well. Our mission is inspired by those visionary individuals who have made their work their life practice – who create intellectually rigorous and culturally relevant work regardless of the market or other outside factors.

HDTS programs include guides to the high desert’s cultural test sites, immersive excursions, solo projects, workshops, publications, and residencies. To learn more about HDTS visit the High Desert Test Sites website.