A-Z Paper Pulp Panels


A-Z Paper Pulp Panels (originally titled Something from Nothing With Very Little Effort Involved) was Zittel’s first attempt to come up with new materials and fabrication techniques that are efficient, affordable, and practical in the extreme desert climate of A-Z West. One of the most plentiful natural resource available here is paper waste. Product packaging, newspapers, magazines and junk mail all had to be hauled to the dump until Zittel began using it to make Paper Pulp Panels. The goal was to develop a product that could be made from the natural resources at hand and then sold to sustain A-Z West. The panels are dried in a grid of racks called The Regenerating Field which looks like a cross between an array of solar panels or a minimalist sculpture by Walter DeMaria. The resulting product was an attractive grid of decorate wall panels. The original title was changed because rather than being easy to make the process ended up being incredibly labor and time intensive.