Material Tests


Where do you go to do materials tests when you don’t have any flat walls in the shipping container studio?  In the bedroom of course.  I’ve been working on a piece for my upcoming show in Berlin in which I started with the format of our local desert paper and replaced all of the copy with Lorem Ipsum.  Since there is a formal theme in the show that I keep explaining as a broken down grid system (what happens when idealized systems become imperfect and slightly more human),  it seemed like the grid-like format of the newspaper could look really good plastered up on some of the gallery walls.  Which is how it ended up in my bedroom…

The newspaper actually looks pretty of great.  Laura and Anna said it made my room feel like a hovel, which we then agreed was a good look.  Here are some closeups of the paper.  And because of how thin it is, and the way it is applied, the paper has a really nice pattern of vertical creases.  Eventually it will probably get painted over to do more tests (I’ve been wanting to do a wallpaper print series for Gemini GEL for AGES now)  and with a few coats of paint over it the texture under paint may look even better.


Also of course once the paper was hung, all of the other colors in the room had to be repainted.  On a purely decorative level, gold and terra cotta is the all-new-favorite color combo.

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