A-Z West is an artwork located on over seventy acres in the California high desert next to Joshua Tree National Park. Since it’s inception A-Z West has functioned as an evolving testing grounds for living—a place in which spaces, objects, and acts of living all intertwine into a single ongoing investigation into what it means to exist and participate in our culture today. “How to live?” and “What gives life meaning?” are core issues in both Zittel’s personal life and artistic practice. Answering these questions has entailed exploring complex relationships between our need for freedom, security, autonomy, authority, and control—observing how structure and limitations often have the capacity to generate feelings of freedom beyond open-ended choices.

Works and projects at A-Z West include: Zittel’s home/testing grounds, the Wagon Station Encampment, Regenerating Field, shipping container compound, A-Z West studio and weaving studio, A-Z West satellite cabins, the Planar Pavilions, a ten-acre parcel for High Desert Test Sites projects, and several adjacent parcels slated for future projects.

If you would like to visit, A-Z West hosts monthly tours as a fundraiser for High Desert Test Sites—because of our busy studio schedule individual visits are not possible. Specially scheduled tours can sometimes be organized for groups of 12 or more. At the moment all tours have been canceled until further notice due to the pandemic. We also offer week-long stays in the Experimental Living Cabins, a satellite location 40 miles east of Joshua Tree. To find out more about visiting A-Z West, please email

Please note—because A-Z West is a private residence we ask the public to respect the designated ways to visit. Visitors may not show up on A-Z West grounds unannounced or without an appointment under any circumstance.