First FKAS Product


After the project “smockshop” was archived we realized that we were really going to miss working together.  So we started a new group called “formerly known as smockshop” – or more casually referred to as FKAS.  Our new products won’t be entirely clothing based and will eventually be available for sale both at pop-up sales, and via an on-line store.  And since every startup I’m involved in has a rule, so does this one.  The dictate for FKAS is that all of the products have to be made in the form of a rectangle – so each item is a “panel” of one sort or another – though these are all intended to be useful objects (similar to the “A-Z Personal Panels”, “A-Z Carpet Furniture”, and “A-Z Cover” pieces that I have made in the past).  Each member of FKAS is supposed to come up with their own panel product line so I’m trying out a new and very simple pattern that is loosely based on Guatemalan Huipil.  Here is my second try (sewn out of left over fabric from the bathroom curtain) – I thought that the first turned out great until I realized that the neck was sewn in crooked.. dang!

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